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Posy grinned and put on a movie and grabbed two big blankets. She felt better being wrapped in one. She curled into a corner as much as she could with her baby belly and sighed.

Peeta grabbed the blanket and wrapped himself tightly in it and sat on the sofa, hiding the tub of ice cream under the covers as he used the spoon to take a spoon full every minute or so.

"You know that ice cream was for both of us mr greedy." She smirked.
"But you are upset mroe than me so you can have it." She smiled and ran her hand over her round tummy.

"Hehe sorry" Peeta slid the tub out and held it in the middle of them, “I’m not that greedy, go on"

"You are quite greedy." She corrected with a giggle and took some onto her spoon. She licked it off and then smiled.

"Now hey, just because I have a bakers pot belly" He laughed and ate some more ice cream.

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